Tue., Sep. 21 | Aurora Sacred Healing Centre

Fall Equinox Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Tune into gratitude, reflection and to prepare for winter
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Fall Equinox Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Time & Location

Sep. 21, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Aurora Sacred Healing Centre, 130 3 St W, The Pas, MB R9A 1R7, Canada

About the event

Equinoxes happen every year on approximately March 20th and September 21nd, when the Sun’s rays shine directly on the Equator.  During  these two points of the year, the tilt of the Earth in its rotational orbit is in a straight alignment with the Sun. The sun crosses the celestial equator and we experience balanced day and night, and light  and dark.

With this, there is an incredible balance created, and  all over the planet, day and night are approximately equal. Masculine and feminine are balanced, and the playing field is level for all.  With the Autumn Equinox, the days begin to  grow shorter heading towards Winter.


It is with the Autumn Equinox that we begin to prepare for the  darkness of winter that is to come. From this point, days now begin to  grow shorter and nights get longer.  While this Equinox marks the  point of diminishing sunlight, it is also a time of harvest where we  celebrate all that has come to fruition in the bright light of summer.

It’s a time of facing our inner shadow, and the concepts of death, void, and blackness.

The  Autumn Equinox is a powerful time to tune into gratitude, reflection  and to prepare for winter where the beautiful opportunity to journey inward emerges from the cold and dark.

With Autumn Equinox, it’s a  beautiful time to honour how far you’ve come and return to balance and presence before continuing onward in the journey through life.

Cost:  $25 (proceeds go towards gifts for Sweat Lodge helpers)

As for the Sweat logistics, we will meet at Aurora at 5pm then travel as a group to the Sweat Lodge which is run by OCN knowledge keeper, Sherwin Moore.  As a group, we will bring to the sweat two pouches of tobacco, a pack of cigarettes, and a metre of red and white broadcloth. Then each one of us will bring something to share at the potluck feast which is held afterwards.  It is up to you if you want to leave a donation to the family that runs the sweat.

To prepare for the sweat, make sure to wear a loose long skirt that covers your legs as you sit on the ground, no wire bras on top.  Remove jewelry if possible.  Bring a couple of old towels.  Make sure your inner system is clean before you sweat - no alcohol or drugs - and eat clean.  Drink lots of water the day before the sweat and bring a big water bottle to the sweat.  Lastly, open your heart and your mind to this learning process.

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