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with canoe trailer, paddles and life jackets have just been purchased – we offer a variety of 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, and 6-day canoe trips where people can choose from the following:​

The backcountry of the Grass River Provincial Park is rich with lakes, rivers, islands, beaches, and wildlife. One of the more popular ways to sightsee the wilderness areas of the park is by exploring the historic Grass River Canoe Route which was once a supply and hunting route used by fur traders and the First Nation people.  It is a canoe river route you’re sure to enjoy with its many different types of ecosystems decorated with waterfalls, rapids, fast currents, lakes, petroglyphs, and portages, not to mention all the diversity of flora and fauna.


Classification:  Beginner to Experienced Novice

Total Distance:  370 km (from Cranberry Portage to Paint Lake Provincial Park)

Total Time:  15-24 days but can be paddled in sections (see below)

Total Number of Rapids:  33

Total Number of Portages:  24 (4790m in total)

River Travel: Beginner to Experienced Novice

Lake Travel: Novice to Experienced Novice

Portaging: Moderate

Remoteness: Intermediate to Remote

Grass Route.png


Equipment Package

- canoe(s) and all of the necessary…
- paddles, lifejackets
- safety equipment like bailer, throw rope and tie ropes
- carrying equipment like car roof foam (no need for roof rack) and ratchet straps
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Deluxe Package

The Deluxe package would include transportation of your rented canoes and equipment to and from your site (mileage would apply)
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Food Package

we provide high-quality homemade dehydrated meals all packaged for the trip.
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Ultimate Package

we provide food, canoes, equipment, maps, and a satellite phone for emergencies.
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