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Sacred Healing

Ethnobotany with AURORA

When we create a connection with the plants through listening, observing, and interacting with it, we start to comprehend the vastness of these traditional teachings and the knowledge that the plants and trees hold, and the gifts that are shared with us.  Plants can sense our intentions and actions, so staying in continual communication and resonance with them allows for a clean exchange, whether we are connecting to the plant energetically or intending to harvest it for medicine.


Smudging and Giving Thanks

We each have our own unique and special way of asking the spirits of the plants to come with us, to help us. Today, we have the tobacco to express to that spirit of the plants what we are going to do, and what our intent is. And when you are done, sprinkle the tobacco around a tree – and collect no medicines from it.


Respectful Harvesting

Before we start, we will discuss the,

•         Moon time (still look for medicines but have someone else collect)

•         Sustainable practices

•         Drug interactions


Plant Identification

We will go through collections of herbs, shrubs, and trees to help identify what we are looking for when we enter the forest using Plant Identification Field books.

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