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Stone Balancing

Sacred Healing

Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

Stress and Time Management

Stress can make us feel rushed, yet unproductive. Support your team with the skills they need to manage stress and time. This workshop expands upon a multitude of techniques that participants can bring to their everyday lives to help them develop a healthy Work-Life Balance.

Communication and Team Environment Training

This workshop aids in providing participants with training needed to become an active listener and effective communicator. The participant will also learn how to use these new skills to improve team environments, build support, and foster creativity.

Wellness Equality and
Diversity Training

Physical Health and Daily Exercise

This workshop provides those skills in a dynamic and supportive format, designed to build a strong team environment and support between participants.


Resiliency is a learned skill that is a protective factor in the development of stress and stress-related health issues. This workshop teaches participants how to develop perspective and self-talk to support resiliency and health.

This workshop will help participants understand the value of culture, equality, and diversity in their communities.

Planting the Seed of Mindfulness and having it germinate requires nurturing your Mind, Body, and Soul connection.
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The Mindfulness-based Educator Training is intended to teach educators how mindfulness can help with physical and psychological health problems and ongoing life challenges in their own personal lives and in the lives of the students they wish to utilize these mindful techniques with.


Teaching Mindfulness

mindfulness integrated into curriculum/school day


Mindful Teaching

embodied, attuned teaching becomes part of mindfulness practice


development of a personal mindfulness practice

Personal Practice

Minfuless-Based Educator
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