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CLIPPER RANGER Tandem Shown Above


Length:              17' 0"
36" & 33" at 4-inch water line
Bow Height:       20"
Stern Height:      20"
Center Height:   14"
Fiberglass:         72lb


  • The Ranger is built by a stronger, but heavier construction method than our Premium Composites.

  • Affordable plus the advantages of a composite Canoe.

  • This canoe is noticeably fast.

  • If your trip calls for limited portages, this canoe could be a great choice.

  • We added gunnel covers, wood yokes with foam pads, and foam thigh pads.

  • Tractor style seats and foot rests add comfort and reduced back strain.

  • Great choice for touring on lakers and deep rivers. But Rangers should be a bit more tolerant of unintended mild abuse.

  • Handles waves and wind well.

  • Larger cargo capacity.

  • Tracks and glides well.


  • We ask that you portage around rapids and shallow water with all composite canoes.

  • Composite canoes do not tolerate dragging or other "skill" deficient behavior as well as plastic canoes.

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