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This Survival Kit is loaded with gear we have come to rely on not only when out in the wilderness but also when traveling in vehicle or in the boat in case get stranded. Watch for when Aurora is offering the next Wilderness Survival Course to practice using gear. To make easy, gear separated into order of Priority in the Wilderness:

#1 Priority Shelter- in harsh conditions you can have as little as 3 minutes before threatened by exposure so here you have reflective thermal blanket/tarp, pars cord, utility knife and rain poncho.

#2/3 Fire - in winter and cool summer nights heat is going to be important so here you have a flint striker, dry tinder fire starter, waterproof matches, emergency candle

#3/2 Water is super important on hot day giving only sometimes just 3 hours before signs of dehydration kick in. Here you have collapsible 1L water bottle and water purification tablets

#4 Food is not as crucial as people often think in a survival situation giving you 3 days before requiring nourishment. These homemade banana chips are good for easy rationing.

#5 Naturalist Knowledge include items like a compass for navigation, safety whistle, mosquito net, duct tape and a first aid kit Be sure to also check out the recommended upgrades to your kit to make even better equipped.

Survival Kit

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